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Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
  Coriolis Mass Flow Meters patented and developed by our company (Chinese Patent No. 03119685.3, 03149996.1) are the leading meters for precision flow measurement.

1. Introduction

  Coriolis Mass Flow Meters patented and developed by our company (Chinese Patent No. 03119685.3, 03149996.1) are the leading meters for precision flow measurement. And with good reason, the meters offer the most accurate measurement available for virtually any process fluid, while exhibiting exceptionally low pressure drop. The meters offer direct mass flow, volume flow, density, and temperature measurement of liquids and slurries — without the need for additional equipment, manual calculations, or estimations.

  The meters are designed for unsurpassed performance in even the harshest operating environments. They have no moving parts, and any special mounting or flow conditioning requirements. Every meter is available with stainless steel wetted parts and a wide variety of process connections to meet your every need.

  The meters carry hazardous area approval for P. R. China.

2. product main performance characteristics

  l It can directly the mass flow rate of the pipe.

  High accuracy, good repeatability, can measure the mass flow in a widely range.

  l High measurement accuracy.

  This measurement accuracy grade is 0.2.

  l high reliability and wide range application

  As there is no barrier and moving parts in the measurement pipe, with advantages of high reliability and long service life.

  l Adopted fluid surface width.

  In addition to the uniform fluid, it also can measure high viscosity fluid (bee honey, slurry etc.), as well as multiphase flow. No matter medium are static flow or turbulent flow, what ever influence the measuring accuracy.

  l widely application environment

  Applicable to petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, paper making, food, energy and environmental protection and other industries.

  l a variety of on-line measurement functions

  In addition to mass flow, it can directly measure the density and temperature of the fluid. The intelligent flow transmitter is a kind of multiple functions flow measurement instrument, which can offer display and control of many parameters.

  l good scalability

  According to your consumers required, we our company had designed and made special specification models and functioned mass flow meters, but also for remote monitoring operation, etc.

3. Technical Specifications of Products

    Table of Technical Specifications (Table 1)

Titles Technical Specifications
Mass flow accuracy ±[0.2% +(zero stability /flow rate×100%)]
Mass flow repeatability ±(1/2) ×[0.2% +(zero stability /flow rate×100%)]
Density range 0.2 g/cm3~3.5g/cm3
Density accuracy ±0.002g/cm3
Temperature range -60℃~+200℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Output of current loop 4mA~20mA
Output of frequency/pulse 0Hz~10kHz
Contactor capacity of a Batch Control relay 24V/0.1A
Contactor form normal open

4. Installation, Adjustment and Operation

  The transmitter (secondary meter) of composite type mounts on the sensor (primary meter) with attached screws. A shield cable connects two parts.Installation of the sensor shows in Figure 6, illuminate hereinafter now:

  (1) The mass flow meter normally installs in level line, main body perpendicularity downwards. PLS pay attention to the direction label on flow meter, should be same as the direction of fluid in line. If can not confirm direction, PLS see Figure 6 and 10, while the cable socket on back of the mass flow meter, flow direction is from left to right;

  (2) Securing supports should be built in upper and lower reaches of a line beside the flow meter;

  (3) Ensure concentric with two flange of flow meter and line while installation. When screwing, screws should be forced uniformity symmetrically, do not impose contraposition, forbidden wring or bend the primary meter;

  (4) Definite back pressure should keep in lower reaches of a line behind flow meter. Do not let line direct open, prevent incorrectly measure while half tube of liquid;

  (5) The sensor (primary meter) must leave up ground, and do not touch anything;

  (6) The tube of upper reaches of line must equal or large than the meter’s inner diameter, forbidden to less than;

  (7) The body of sensor should be covered with heat preserved material, for measuring the liquid that easy gasifies. Or, the sensor may be damage with frost or dew;

  (8) For type of DN1, DN3, DN6 and DN10, the sensor should install on ground, use soft tube to connect to the lines;

  (9) The serial number of sensor and transmitter should same, if the serial number not match, the error may be bigger than normal

5. specifications and models

Working environment requirements Medium Liquid (including all kinds of slurry、Various mixture containing solid particles, etc.)
Work environment temperature   0℃~+40℃
Fluid temperature   -60℃~+200℃
Density of medium   0.2g/cm3~3.5g/cm3 (density measurement accuracy is ±0.002g/cm3 )
Working pressure ≤4.0Mpa
atmospheric pressure 86~106 Kpa
Working relative humidity ≤90% RH,non-condensing  
Precision grade 0.2
Measuring pipe material 316L steel stainless  
Connection mode   Flanged or threaded type  
Explosion-proof mark   intrinsic safety typeExib[ib]IIBT4;mix mode Exdib[ib]IIBT4
Model TY-CMF I
Output signal 4~20mA,0~10KHz,RS-485
Power supply   DC24V or AC220V±10%,50Hz±5%,the machine power is less than 15W
EX type   intrinsic safety or mix mode
Display screen   display the nstantaneousand accumulative flow, temperature, density, concentration, etc.
Batch control relay   Contact capacity 24V/0.1A,
contact form   open (or close)



6. Dimensions:

Dimensions Table
Spec Line sizes(mm) Fitting Options (mm) Number and Hole Diameter of Flange join or Screw join (mm) Weight
DN1 13 193 200 75 (234) M12×1.5 Screw join 4
DN3 3 214 234 70 (329) M16×1.5Screw join 7.5
DN6 6 214 234 70 (329) M16×1.5Screw join 7.5
DN10 10 256 291 73 (370) M20×1.5Screw join 9
DN15 15 379 503 90 φ65 4-φ14 15
DN25 25 473 548 96 φ85 4-φ14 18.5
DN40 40 522 613 116 φ110 4-φ18 25.5
DN50 50 597 676 137 φ125 4-φ18 35
DN80 80 650 837 175 φ160 8-φ18 53.5
DN100 100 714 934 198 φ190 8-φ22 70
DN150 150 815 1123 265 φ250 8-φ26 85 
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